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Affordable Firewood Sales

Year round delivery - be prepared for next season.
Serving Northwest Pennsylvania

Jeff Reddick Roll-Offs & Hauling delivers firewood to help you stay warm during our local cold weather months. We deliver slightly over 4 full cord loads of firewood in a 25 cubic yard box. (4' x 4' x 8' stacked = 1 full cord) This is the only size of load we deliver to avoid complication in value comparisons between firewood types.

Payment for firewood is due upon delivery or in advance.  Payment by check preferred but also accept Cash, MC, Visa and Discover.

The best time to order is in the late Winter/early Spring for next season’s supply. Prices are at their lowest and loads are available to be prepared for the next winter season. By early July we start getting backlogged and the prices increase. 

Beat the rush, order early...but since the season is now upon us....know that slabs and blocks are available for delivery now.


Good solid HARDWOOD slabs cut to 18" lengths. No edgings in the load. This product is not debarked or seasoned BUT is NOT the flimsy, paper thin slabs that some have sold on the firewood market. Order early in the Spring to allow for proper stacking and drying time. Delivery year round. Great value. Prices are subject to delivery location and order date. Please call for rates. Available for Delivery!



4" x 4" and 4" x 6" cut off ends of posts for making pallets. Basically, pieces of posts to be used for bark free firewood. Various lengths with an average length of 8". Some longer and some shorter. At this time, even 1" or 2" lengths are included in the load. We are working on a process that would filter out these smaller pieces but this will obviously affect the end cost of the product. We do not recommend stacking this product as it cannot breathe if stacked too tightly and can mold instead of continued drying. It is better to leave in a pile to allow to continue to dry. Load prices are subject to delivery location and order date. Please call for rates to your area.  Available for Delivery! 

Block Wood


Otherwise known as round wood or split firewood is a PREMIUM grade of firewood. Pieces are all hardwood cut to a standard 20" in length and round or split to 3" to 9" in diameter. This product is available dry or green but is available on a seasonal basis. Prices are subject to delivery location and order date. Please call for rates.  No guaranteed delivery date at this time. 



Contact us to check current rates and availability. By Delivery only.

Cord Wood